Why Choose Dial and File Process Servers?


Dial and File Process Servers prides itself on quality and affordable service of process and follows strict adherence to codes of civil procedure. We have process servers at Brampton, Toronto and Milton courts on a daily basis and can file all of your rush documents within 2 hours after pick up. Whether it comes to Process Serving, Court Filing or Skip Tracing,: what other process servers take five attempts to complete, we accomplish in one attempt! We understand that every process server claims to be competent, professional, dedicated, reliable and fast, yet few are either. Dial and File Process Servers do more than just make promises, we get results! We will tell you up front when we will serve it and keep you updated throughout the process.


What most process servers do not want you to know is, that most of their charges accumulate from per KM billing. Moreover, process serving companies provide three attempts "flat rate", at a higher price, because they know that most services do not require more than one, let alone three attempts.

Get all our services at a flat rate from Process Server Company in Toronto and ensure that you never spend more

In addition, process servers never advertise their prices on their website, as this would bring them little, if any, business. Dial and File Process Servers take a more cost-effective approach. All of our services are handled at flat rates. No KM charges. No hidden fees. We charge you per attempt so you never have to pay for more than what is necessary. Our resources and expertise allow us to process every service immediately upon receipt. If you have a deadline, be sure to let us know, and it will be met. We do more than just knock on doors. When applicable, our staff will immediately report any additional information we may obtain in the course of our efforts. If there are complications or unusual circumstances, we will notify you immediately.

Dial and File Process Servers handle all your specialty needs, without applying any unnecessary charges


Dial and File Process Servers have 2 types of service handlings, Routine (2-4 days) and Immediate (same day/24 hours). Service fees include one attempt, including weekends at no additional charge over the window of time specified for each handling. Additionally, Dial and File Process Servers are ready to handle your Specialty needs, without charging you an arm and a leg. Fees for Specialty services are quoted upon request. No matter what the handling, your service is put in to the field for service the same day it is received. In some cases, your file may be filed/served on the same day, without any rush charges being applicable. 

Get Fast, accurate, reliable, affordable, and friendly Skip Tracing And Due Diligence Services In Toronto


Dial and File Process Servers understand the importance of a thorough skip trace especially when clients are faced with instances where service by publication must be pursued. Dial and File Process Servers have staff who are trained in the preparation of Affidavits of service according the the legal rules. Affidavits, Statements of Service and Certificates are all produced to the highest standards promptly, using our standardized templates except where you have your own requirements which we will, of course, happily take into account. Fast, accurate, reliable, affordable and friendly services are our number one goal. We understand the various levels of stress associated with your industry and we are here to help you!

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